From Poor Farmers to Poor Families Project #1

PARCIC has been working in partnership with Palestinian Agriculture Relief Committee (PARC) to implement a “From Poor Farmers to Poor Families” project since September 2014.

The objectives of this project is as follows

  • To buy vegetables from small scale farmers who were affected by Israeli attacks.
  • To buy spicy, herb and olive oil from cooperatives run by women.
  • To create jobs temporarily for those who lost their job because of the attacks.
  • To distribute all purchased food to poor families.

A workshop attended by farmers and women from cooperatives to find out about the project

Preparing olive oil for food distribution

Many sacks of potatoes delivered to the distribution point

Women’s cooperative

Food distribution in Al Bureij

Distributed items are potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, cucumbers, squash, onions, peppers, cabbages, lemons, molohiya, chicken, olive oil, eggs, thyme, duqqa spice, cauliflowers

Family with distributed food

A kid with distributed food

Altogether PARCIC has distributed food baskets to 933 families (5,984 family members).

Other PARCIC’s contribution to Gaza as of 28 Feb 2014

Since September 2014, PARCIC has delivered 128 medical items and 7 medical equipments to Palestinian Medical Relief Society in Gaza and Union of Health Workers Committees in Gaza, from which about 8,000 patients have benefited. In addition to this, PARCIC has distributed 1,060 blankets to 520 families (3,120 family members) from Beit Hanoun, Al Shejaeya and Khza’a, all of which are reported to be the most affected areas by the Israeli attack in 2014 after the cold weather “Huda” hit Gaza in the winter in 2014.