PARCIC activities are meant to achieve a world where everyone can build a decent life on a self-reliant basis

PARCIC has been developing three pillars of activities in Asia, namely Interpeople’s cooperation, Interpeople’s education, and fair trade. The three combinedly contribute to our Vision “A world where local people of different backgrounds in diverse communities can each decide, as the subject of their life, on their own way of living and build a decent livelihood”.

Interpeople’s cooperation projects undertaken by PARCIC

Emergency Relief

In emergency situations, PARCIC distributes food, medicine, non-food items, etc. to those affected by armed conflict or natural disaster, and also provides education support to the affected children deprived of their opportunities for education by war or disaster.

Recovery Assistance

For the affected people to restore their livelihood activities, PARCIC assists in infrastructure reconstruction, and provides required materials and technical assistance after conflicts or natural disasters.

Support for Economic Self-reliance

In stressing people’s sustainable life and economy, PARCIC supports the development of local products and promotes their circulation in the local market. International commodities such as coffee and tea have been connected to the Japanese market by fair trade.

Fair Trade

PARCIC is strongly committed to fair trade, which enables all parties to receive fair benefits on an equal footing. Through continuous and stable transactions, the fair trade protects the production activities and secured livelihoods of producers who are often in a vulnerable position. At the same time, fair trade products may provide an opportunity for consumers to think about the background of the commodity they buy and about the lives of the people who produced them.

Interpeople’s Education

In order to facilitate mutual understanding beyond borders, PARCIC creates and promotes opportunities for Japanese citizens and students to learn from and communicate with people in person in the field of ‘Interpeople’s cooperation’ through organizing study tours, seminars, events, internships or volunteering.

Current activity location

  • Timor Leste


  • Myanmar


  • Palestine


  • Syria, Lebanon, Turkey


  • Sri Lanka


  • Malaysia


  • Japan


Past activity locations

  • Indonesia


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